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El Cisne - Worn by the world’s most precious feet

El Cisne, name comes from the most elegant specie The Swan. The Swan, an insignia of beauty, elegance and grace. El Cisne strives to render products which reflects this elegance, grace and beauty of the swan to its customers. With our classy, refined and chic designs, we want to complete every woman’s look in the most royal manner. Be it routine look or for an exclusive soirée or a boisterous shindig.

Women Specific

We understand that footwear is the most overlooked accessory in a women’s attire. But the real proof of an elegant woman is what’s on her feet. This belief is our vision. We envision to create footwear which are trend setting and makes every woman believe in herself. As someone rightly said, “Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world” We believe no woman is ordinary. They are all princesses and queens, and it’s time to treat them like one. We at El Cisne believe that every woman deserves to be just that and more. We strive and pride ourselves in sculpting shoes that is suited for the royalty that is you.

Perfect for every Occasion

From the casual evening stroll to the times when you need to put your best foot forward your El Cisne shoes will be your best friend forever, every step of the way.

Royal and Elegant

We diligently scout and scrutinise fashion trends from around the globe to bring to you designs that are contemporary yet classy, refined and chic.

Specially Handcrafted, Premium Quality

Matched with our passionate and careful craftsmanship every El Cisne shoe promises to be an exhilarating experience tailored for your feet and your soul. Inside El Cisne’s classy and glamorous exterior beats a heart that is just as noble and pure.

Ethical - Non Leather

All El Cisne shoes are vegan, we are strictly against the use of animal leather in our shoes so you can rest assured that the only guilt associated with every purchase of El Cisne is that of unfathomable pleasure and luxury.

We are Different

A very special virtue that El Cisne as a brand conceives, is producing vegan footwear. What is means is creating footwear which are free of genuine leather. We strongly support the anti-leather campaigns and want to prove that footwear without leather base can be equally fine and high quality product. Our mission is to operate in all worlds and propagate our virtues through our products.
Our shoes are handcrafted by the most skilled artisans committed to a tradition of superior craftsmanship, supreme functionality and magnificent royal style. El Cisne artisans work towards rendering each shoe with finesse and opulence. From the snazziest conventional to the most posh contemporary style in flats, pumps, stilettos or wedges. El Cisne desires to redesign your personality giving you an aristocratic look.